Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now this picture ain't so clear. But I've encircled the object of interest. This is a new house being built in Moga, a town some 75 kms from Ludhiana. Generally we hand lemons and green chillies at our door steps to ward off any ominous spirits or people. These people went a couple of thousand steps ahead and hung ... yes , a baby doll. That explains the lower quality because of zoom. I didn't wanna get near that friggin house any more than necassary.
Here's another case of bad - mass - naming.
As the name of the agency suggests, there are 'brothers' involved in the venture.
So first off, Kuldeep is called 'Deepa' which is a completely feminine name, one that even gay-s would like to stay off.
Next up is 'babbu'. Although it closely resembles a well-meaning word synonymous for 'an elderly person' , it spelling leads to a pronunciation which resembles more of what a toddler sitting at the backseat would utter while you wonder just how many imaginary friends he's got in the back seat and weather that is leagal.
The third 'brother' is 'kala'. This one is just plain offensive. It means 'black-y'. It's like naming a brother who's got retarded growth a 'retard'. Retards.
The last brother is a typical punjabi nickname. 'Lucky'. I wonder if he wasn't then wud he be stuck amongst a better bunch of brothers ?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Roadtrippin' !!! ... to Ludhiana

Well not much here. It was just an awesome drive. 330 kms of so-awesome-you-can-fly-on-it road. We've all played those racing games when we were kids. (If you haven't then you probably had a traumatic childhood and , well, shit happens. And yes I am still a kid.) So I took a couple of dashboard-cam pics.

....Speedy... :)

Soon after you exit Delhi, starting from Sonepat to about 50 kms, there's nothing but fog.

zero visibility.

It kinda reminds one of Silent Hill

This is a real picture I took. It's not a screenshot from Silent Hill. Guess it just came out that way.

Oh ! and to conclude, here's my ride. It ain't a Lamborghini Gallardo, but hey ! I'm not talkin' about your shirt am I ? Besides, I love it.

Heights of merchandising.
Every company wants to be in the most visible position in the limited space. Look at the poor guy inside the shop. He can probably barely breathe in there.

Our man here in Jaipur mutilated the meter in order to emphasis the ridiculous point that 'they don't run on meters'.


Got the common cold ? Have 3 spoons of cow urine to cure.
Acme problem ? Rub cow urine on ur face 5 times a day.
One piss cure all !

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My pick from the menu .... Booty ! Ofcourse what gets me is the presence of idly in all that carnage.